As of October 2018 Decode Fab Lab is now officially part of the Fab Lab Network List, ready to share bits and atoms with the global network such as projects, ideas and people around the world.

Why are we glad to be part of the network?  We believe in the power of community, in learning from others and sharing our skills and knowledge.It is all of us, all the Fab Lab participants who are agents for change through technology.

We share this common vision and are now part of the global distributed technology infrastructure, part of this global manufacturing network, the distributed technical education campus, the distributed research laboratory for digital fabrication tools and methods. We are glad to be part of a network that rethinks work and education, with the future generations.

What is a Fab Lab anyway?  A Fab Lab is a digital fabrication workshop with a list of critical machines, electronics and programming tools that can allow whoever visits, to make a complete functioning system and at the same time be able to share it and have it produced in other Fab Labs of the world.

Fab Labs (Fabrication Laboratories) began with the goal of democratising access to digital fabrication and have grown exponentially reaching over 1500 Labs worldwide (2018)

What makes a Fab Lab a great one?  The people. Meet the Decode Fab Lab team 

Where are the other Fab Labs in the world?   here

Contact us in Decode Fab Lab with an innovative idea that can be spread across the global Fab Lab network