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Stiwdio Everywhere was created in 2016 in Wales

stiwdio: Welsh for studio

everywhere: a studio that has no base; so far it was driven across Europe, flew to Central America and South East Asia and in South America

During this time we share our thoughts and experiences, meet up with like minded people, get inspired by different cultures, landscapes, ways of living while trying to live with less stuff, closer to nature and be healthier.

Stiwdio Everywhere was created by Olivia and Alexandros, two academics and practitioners in art and design. Scroll at the end of the page for more info about us.


how it all started: how did we end up not buying a closet and instead travel for one year?

A closet would organise some of our everyday things. A Sabbatical-career break and a long travel would give a different perspective to our lives, an essential decluttering, inspiration for our creative work, and more headspace to dream, make, connect, enjoy and offer. So here we are: this initial conversation in a pub in Cardiff led us to travel to many exciting places around the world; brought us to stiwdioeverywhere.

Some inspiration along the way: TED talks, meditation classes, projects we always wanted to do but thought we did not have the space and time to do them, people we wanted to meet, places we wanted to visit. Not al is planned and this proved to be the best way.

why – our values

We believe that positive things come to people who are curious, who are eager to learn something different and make unforeseen connections, who connect with other people and nature and who then do something with all the above. We try to be these people.


our values in our work:values

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Olivia is an architect, designer and academic (former Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Design). Her current research is the co-design and digital fabrication of outdoor public spaces.

Alexandros is a Senior Lecturer in the transdisciplinary field of Art Science and Technology. His research and creative practice focuses on Sound and Media Arts, Music Technology.

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