Olivia Kotsifa was invited to present at the Culture 2030 (Πολιτισμός 2030) meeting in Elefsina, Greece, a gathering – conference that starts the conversation and planning of the 2021 European Culture events. During her talk, Olivia shared her views on how can Fab Labs contribute to the future resilient cities.

Elefsina is the culture capital of Europe in 2021. As part of the pre-conferences, meetings and organisational / communication activities, the Culture 2030 4-day meeting took place in November 2018, celebrating a get together of artists, professionals from the cultural field, academics,  policy makers and local and regional cultural stakeholders.

How do we imagine a modern cultural regional policy in Greece, a ten year policy, focusing on social and cultural change? Myrsini Zorba, Minister of Culture and Sports

The thematic she contributed to as a presenter deals with the following questions:

How can we make cities and communities resilient and sustainable, capable of meeting the conditions of the future, with ever-increasing production needs and precarious environmental conditions, while ensuring the careful management of environmental resources?

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A key component of emerging solutions is the rapid development of digital technologies (computation, communication, fabrication) that have paved the way for new life and production models over the last few decades, based on a global and distributed flow of data and knowledge; models that utilise local raw materials and infrastructure for construction, but supralocal networks for the distribution of production methods, products and services; empowering citizens and communities while reducing the negative impact on the environment and guaranteeing the long-term resilience of our cities.

Can Digital Labs (Fab Labs, Maker Spaces, etc.) actively contribute in this direction? How do these “workshops of the future” work, and how can we adapt their mode of operation to local conditions?

Olivia’s co-presenters: Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis, Emmanouil Leventianos, Alekos Pantazis and moderator of this talk Georgia Voudouri

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