This last July Olivia was invited to present her views on Mobility of people, projects, ideas,  in the Fab City Conference, during the Fab City Summit 2018, next to international experts from a diverse range of fields, including art, design, politics, economics, industry, architecture, urbanism.

The Fab City Global Initiative is making actionable the promises of an urban future built through local empowerment and global collaboration. It scales up the potential of digital fabrication tools in Fab Labs and makerspaces to design, develop, create and deploy the technologies that will reconfigure the relationship between consumption and production in cities. (Extract from the Fab City welcome note)

Within this context, Olivia was a speaker in the Mobility cluster, presenting the shift in new ways of work and of education, within the intersection of the global Digital Nomad network/movement and the Fab Lab  network/movement which she is part of. She discussed the potential current and future situation for creative digital nomads living in cities, the responsibility that comes with it, the advantages as well as the dangers this could bring to the ecosystem and character of a city.


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This year’s Fab City Summit was hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the City Government of Paris, the European Capital of Innovation program and the Fab City Foundation in Parc de la Villette between 11-14th July 2018

Fab city Summit event schedule

Fab City Summit Mobility session 


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