One of the rare authentic moments. We discovered by chance the Bip Bip bar in Copacabana. One tiny place which holds an important role in the history of Bossa Nova in Rio. We felt that we were part of a ceremony; everything was so quiet, respectful and mystic. Music has this extraordinary property. We couldn’t imagine a better place to experience this beautiful Brazilian music genre which has its roots in Samba and Jazz. The following footage tries to capture this magnificent night.


The core of Bossa Nova rhythm is presented below.


This rhythm, for people who grew up with Casio synthesizers like the legendary PT-1, immediately (and surprisingly!) brings to their mind the following electronic sound.


The warm sound of the guitar compared to the artificial cheap electric sound of the Casio synthesiser brings a quirky feeling. It’s interesting to think how many people were introduced to Bossa Nova rhythms by those instruments made out of silicon…