(Taller de Materiales y Construcción) is equipped with manufacturing machines and design tools and is dedicated in practice based design and architectural research.

We were greeted by Francesco and Karen, the founders  and directors of TaMaCo, who gave us a tour in the building and showed us a variety of past and current projects their teams have/ are  working on.

They offer residencies with a goal to to promote new and emerging talent, giving the possibility to young designers, architects and artists of workspace, technical tutorials and specialised tools. Residents of different disciplines are selected through a call and work autonomously in the development of the project, as well as meet to exchange and share skills and ideas during the process. Keep an eye for new calls here 

For more info check TaMaCo’s website


TaMaCo is a module within CheLA (Centro Hypermediàtico Experimental Latinoamericano) a former 5000m2 factory, is a centre for free discussion and creation, with the aim that technological and artistic possibilities are intermingled with new cultural and social perspectives.

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