Neti No Es Todo Inventado is a strategic design and innovation lab that combines exponential technologies with human centred design and co-creation philosophies. Through an experiential approach they combine the application of exponential technologies with collaborative, interdisciplinary and horizontal working methods.

Today we visited their makerspace, and met up with Jimena and Tomas possibly two of the most enthusiastic people we’ve met during our travels, who talked to us about the ethos of Neti, their projects so far and showed us their space and machines.


Their space is at the trendy area of Palermo, and it is part of area3,  a large, well designed coworking space with a variety of spaces to work from, a beautiful garden and a few play areas.


The makerspace tools are in a corner of a huge basement that’s used as a multi purpose space and are kept in well designed modules that allow Neti to travel for their events and workshops with parts of the makerspace.

Argentina_NETI_01For more info about Neti visit their website here

We’ve known Jimena previously for her involvement with Fab Lab Argentina and the Fab Lat Kids Network  , a great initiative of Latin American Fab Labs offering educational hands on workshops for kids and young people to learn more about emerging technologies.