It is true – tango is everywhere in Buenos Aires: on the streets, in big venues, outside restaurants and cafes. It is for tourists, for the locals for everyone.

The following  short clip comes from Calle Florida, the most central street in Buenos Aires.

We were lucky. A tribute to tango named La Hora del Tango, filmed for the Argentinian television took place in the Kirchner Cultural Centre (a grandiose eight-storey building – Latin America’s largest cultural centre) and we happen to be there by chance!

The lady siting on the right is María Nieves, the dancer that brought the tango and the milonga to audiences throughout the world. The concert hall was full and the audience was very sentimental and excited about this living legend of tango.

The most sticking thing about  tango music and especially what we heard in the Kirchner Cultural Centre is the energy of the accompaniment. It  was played much louder and more forcefully than the other instruments, a powerful marcato!

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