At one time Medellin was declared the most violent place in the world. Medellin cartel has bombed Bogota, killed judges, policemen, journalists, newspaper editors, presidential candidates and innocent people. Pablo Escobar however helped by providing work through building projects and giving money to the poor in Medellin. During its peak, the Cartel was making around 60million dollars a day. For some people he is a Latin American Robin Hood, for others an assassin, which makes it a delicate matter to discuss..colombia_medellin03.jpg

Communa 13 was in the 80s the neighbourhood under the control of Pablo Escobar’s people.
Communa 13 used to be a center for paramilitary, guerrilla, and gang activity. Its location is ideal for crime, as it provides easy transportation of guns, drugs, and money through the main avenue nearby. Nowadays tourists walk around its streets, photographing the brick stack houses’ graffitis and its outdoor culture. During the night however, tourists are advised not to go in the area as gangs are still a thing and shootings may take place.

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In 2013 Medellin won the Most Innovative City in the World award by the Urban Land Institute, because of its creative ideas for urban living. In the last few years it welcomes hundreds of Digital Nomads, making it one of the best DN capitals worldwide. This was one of the reasons we wanted to visit this city.






What attracts digital nomads in Medellin? Good internet, co-working spaces, laptop friendly cafes, its constant fresh weather, affordable prices are some of the reasons but most of all it’s good setting to use as a base for nearby hiking, weekend escapes and longer explorations.












We spent a week in Medellin to collaborate with Fab Lab UNAL . Read more about this collaboration here.
















Fernando Botero (1931) the famous Colombian sculptor is from Medellin. His inflated gigantic bronze sculptures show the elegant side of obese figures.Colombia_Medellin010

Photos of the Botero Park in the city centre






Beautiful city but sadly it was raining a lot; No wonder why they call Medellin the city of eternal spring!Colombia_Medellin01