This time was different. It was not just a visit but a week where things could happen. We were welcomed in Fab Lab Lima by Beno and Delia and we soon met the rest of the team during our stay. Fab Lab Lima had moved from where it was last year, to a very central space in Lima, in the Cultural Centre of Spain  . The space is perfect for events as the centre already hosts art and design events frequently; It was just perfect for our lectures and workshop!

We did two talks in Fab Lab Lima prior to the workshop, related to our research. Alex offered another talk in El Paradero Culture House on digital musical instruments


After carefully planning our pisco tour, Beno set us up for a workshop to the people interested in collaborating on the research/ prototyping of the digital musical instrument. We spent two days with electrical, mechanical engineers and architects, contributing with designs and suggestions on the potential form and the pcb design.

The rest of the time we worked in the Lab refining the interaction design, programming it in pure data and also speaking to Beno to understand his insight into the Fab Lat network. Read more about the GameLan #faborchestra project here


Fab Lab Lima is open to ideas and has a relaxed atmosphere; exactly what we’ve been looking for, for this phase of our project. I wish we could spend more time there.

Needless to say we had the very best chats over piscos with of course the very very best company we could imagine. It was an unforgettable experience and we hope there will be many more reunions in the future.
Special thanks to Beno, Delia and Daniela for making things possible, interesting, welcoming and fun.



Read about last year’s visit here

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