Acatenango volcano (+3976m) is the 3rd highest volcano in Guatemala and has incredible 360 views including the views of the Fuego volcano, the most consistently erupting active volcano in the world.

During our overnight stay in tents by the fire, the Volcan Fuego which was not that far away, erupted numerous times – what a spectacular and new experience!

– Fuego! 

the guide was shouting to get us out of the tents to see the Fuego volcano erupting. The sound of it was coming seconds later.


45 degree inclination was very hard for me for a 6 hour hike in such altitude and with no regular breaks.  The way down was equally as hard as the climb..The changes in the microclimates and vegetation where remarkable but while it was taking our minds off the pain (!) there was not too much time to admire the views unfortunately!



A fantastic experience overall, so worth doing it and worth the pain the following few days.