El Paredon is a very small surf/fishing village in the Pacific Ocean.

surf is up at 6.30am – so are we

Traditional palm leafed thatched roofs

Locals tell me this is not the best season for the construction of the roofs- I looked and asked but had no luck in witnessing a roof construction..

guatemala_paredon_palmroofs5Palm thatched roofs need annual maintenance. 4Q (=0.13euros) per palm leaf nowadays makes it very expensive to maintain the architecture in the area. They still prefer it to other types of construction despite the expense, but how long for?


Small and tidy households

Houses are small but seem to have all they need; at least this is my impression when looking at them from the outside;

fences around the plot made of local materials such as wood branches and sometimes wire, big enough gardens with paths made of painted rocks or wood, outdoor areas are often bigger than the house, area for clothes hanging, playing, outdoor cooking, storage and outdoor seating area, with a palm thatched roof for shade.