Today we reached Chiang Mai, the city of 300 temples and of many more digital nomads.

It is no surprise why this is the number one destination for digital nomads. Laptop friendly cafes, co-working spaces but most of all like minded people, make it a digital nomad Mekka.

Thailand_ChiangMai_BuddhistTempleSo far we’ve visited places in SE Asia which are very high in the “digital nomad” list such as Saigon and Bangkok and will soon visit to Bali. Chiang Mai seems to be easier of all so far in terms of a quiet, settled lifestyle if one lives in the centre, with limited but good options for cool neighbourhoods, plenty of opportunities for meeting like minded people and minimum effort to circulate around its old centre (2,5sq km) .

Digital nomads we met here see Chiang Mai as a place to get things done, whereas Bali is more of a “having a good time while working”

Not the best period to visit Chiang Mai but still a few good Meet ups for socialising or learning or both. Sad we cannot stay for long; there is so much going on here.