Don’t walk alone, never talk to strangers on the streets, don’t be a target for robbers, do not carry a backpack, never walk on the quiet streets when it gets dark..

But it is like this nearly everywhere, right?

It seems over-exaggerated here but why?


Unfortunately there is no travel guide presenting the uniqueness of the place when it comes to these specific architectural features related to the safety system applied to all houses, no matter where they are and how wealthy they look.. We haven’t been robbed or threatened but this awful constant feeling of not being safe or even welcome is the worst feeling I’ve had so far in a city.


Railings, window bars, razor wires, “danger” signs etc are few examples. It is apparently common in many central American countries but really is this the solution to the problem of theft?

Being totally private, not letting kids to play in the street, not opening up the house to the street and avoiding to walk home when it’s dark?


Are the local citizens hiding from the problem or fighting it in their own way?